The Manor House

We were commissioned to refurbish and extend the existing 2-storey plus basement grade 2 listed Georgian house.

The footprint of the existing house was virtually doubled in size with a 3-storey extension, plus a lower ground floor and a cellar.  It was further increased, given an additional floor by infilling the valley between the two main roofs.  An domed oval double glazed lantern provided natural light to the centre of the top floor, with a corresponding opening formed in the floor to light the room below.

Attention to detail was paramount: the round tower had curved doors and windows, including the double glazing.  Bricks of several radii were specially made for that part of the extension.  Complicated means of escape from the second floor included secret staircases accessed through false library furniture units.  As well as designing all elements of specialist joinery, we worked closely with the interior designer to create a wonderful home for the family.

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  • Client:

    The Manor House

  • Location:

    Yattendon, Berkshire

  • Type:

    Extension to a grade 2 listed house

  • Completed: